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 Meet our Leaders

Rick and Carol Picture.jpg

Rick and Carol Brzezicki

Rick and Carol are the apostolic founders and Lead Elders/Apostles at Heart for the Nations Church and Ministries.  They are also founders of Heart for the Nations International, the mission arm of Heart for the Nations; and the School of Ministry.

They have been married since 1981 and have been involved in ministry both locally to Indigenous communities and internationally to pastors in Uganda, Zimbabwe and also Kenya.  Rick and Carol also have ministries to local pastors and have been members of the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies since 2002. For more information relating to Indigenous ministry involvement, please refer to our "Canada Indigenous" page.

Pastors Rick and Carol have a heart for relationship and displaying the heart of Jesus Christ to people in the church and to those needing an encounter with God.

Kelly and Jamie Harmon

Kelly and Jamie Harmon are Elders at Heart for the Nations Church and Ministries.  They serve in a capacity as Pastors and are exceptional servants of the Lord. 

Kelly and Jamie historically served in a leadership capacity for many years at Christ City Church and have been serving at Heart for the Nations since 2018. Kelly has travelled with our International Ministry to Uganda with a team preaching the Gospel, serving in the medical camp and ministering to children. Jamie has extensive knowledge of Indigenous people and she is Hungarian/Metis. Both Pastors Kelly and Jamie were involved with Rick and Carol in ministry to Indigenous communities. Pastors Kelly and Jamie are an essential part of Heart for the Nations both in the church, international ministry and local ministry.

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